The KATAKLISMOS RACE is a sailing event which started in 2000.The event started having two main goals. On the one hand, it wanted to give the opportunity either to the yachtsmen/women of Cyprus to feel the sailing race experience and on the other hand, it wanted to strengthen the local community in the celebrations of the Kataklismos Festival in the city of Larnaka. This event began from the PONATHA Offshore Yacht Club and it was embraced form other local yacht clubs and Larnaka Municipality.

From 2000 until 2019 the KATATAKLISMOS RACE sailed along the gulf of Larnaka. Every year the participation of the yachting boats was getting more and more and the entries were approximately 15-20, or some years even 30.

For the last 19 years, the KATATAKLISMOS RACE has achieved not only to bring the yachtsmen/women throughout Cyprus into contact, but also to give the opportunity to many foreign crews to get to know the island culture and becoming an international sailing event. Throughout this period of time a new generation of yachtmen/women grew up and they all learnt to sail around Cyprus easily and to have quality and safe races.

In 2020, the KATAKLISMOS RACE was renamed to KATAKLISMOS REGATTA 2020 and it expanded its route. The new route includes the city of Larnaka and the Ayia Napa municipality and the one-day event becomes two-days international sailing event. The goal of the KATAKLISMOS REGATTA is to give the opportunity to the sailors to sail from Larnaka marina to Ayia Napa marina and back with two races 20NM each and raise the challenges for sailors.