Vision & Objectives

The goals of the Club are:

  1. The dissemination, promotion and enhancement of navigation (sailing and seafaring) on the high seas and generally of nautical sport.
  2. Improvement and development of the level of scientific and technical knowledge of members in shipping.
  3. Study of any seafarer or related matter and submission of suggestions and studies to any interested party and competent authorities.
  4. Facilitating the members of the Club to participate in offshore races both in Cyprus and abroad.

In order to promote the objectives of the Club, it is necessary to cooperate with other Naval Associations, Sailing Clubs and other unions and organizations. Moreover, PONATHA has set up an offshore navigation school, which offers the members of the Association the necessary theoretical and practical training for the acquisition of a diploma of a commander of an offshore vessel.

Finally, PONATHA organizes lectures, screenings of cinematographic films with sailing content, and publishes leaflets and manuals on navigation issues.