Sailing Courses & Training

The training program is designed to help you build, appreciate and extend your sailing skills. The course is built in such way that assumes no prior knowledge and devises each section in practical and theoretical parts. Essential Navigation and Seamanship is covered throughout the course. The Sailing Academy combines an exclusive program of theoretical and practical lessons. The offshore sailing lessons are organized by PONATHA Cyprus Sailing Academy, located in Cyprus Larnaca Marina.

The training experience is fun as well! We want to enjoy with our students every single moment. Sailing is also about socialising, making friends and why not.. teasing each other. Our lessons are unique, and the feedback we are getting means only one thing. Our students are having fun!

The courses start every October and last for several months.


The ability to teach, as well as a passion for sharing the joy of sailing is prerequisite for every one of our team members. Our instructors have a long standing teaching experience and the necessary skills to teach the news sailors how to sail safely and with style.

Our instructors cover the following topics:


  • Navigation using charts and publications
  • Chartwork
  • Position fixing using traditional and modern techniques
  • Safety and emergency procedures including emergency calls, radio frequencies
  • Boat instruments
  • Tides
  • Meteorology and weather forecast
  • Visual and electronic navigation
  • Rules of traffic and collision regulation